The Real Life Hero

I don't think  I have one...

I have thousands of ! But it depends in which domain : in sport, music, in politics (actually not really), etc..

John Lennon

We can remember John Lennon as a peace maker : for the reason that he was an activist in the Vietnam war, where the UK had nothing to do in. It was the pacifist hippy action, which had as slogan "Peace & Love". John Lennon was a "hippy" and he wrote and sang "Imagine", a soft rock song, which is still the first most downloaded song on Internet ! This song clearly explains John Lennon's point of view on the actual world, by suggesting a wonderful one, using "Imagine", as if it was a kind of dream. Imagine hurt millions of people who joined this cause, and with non-violent demonstrations and some other ways, led to political discussions between Northern and Southern Vietnams, to make them reunify !

Being member of the Beatles is enough to be considered as a hero, but John Lennon did so much more

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