This is a picture of space science. It has 2 monitors, a joystick, and a keyboard. It was refurbished in 1982 so it could be put on display. Things like a working CRT were added to increase the simulation of a working IEU console.

This is an example of Korean & Vietnam aviation.

Produced more Huey's than any other American military aircraft.This UH-1 made up of a distinguish combat record in Vietnam from 1966 to 1970. Made from numerous patches on its skin attest to the ferocity of missions flown.The latter unit used it as a D-model "smoke ship" to lay down smokescreens for air assault operations.

This is an example of interwar military aviation.

The U.S. army air corps flew 5 of this type of plane through Mexico and South America . It is an amphibian craft. It can go on both air and sea. The boat-like shape at the bottom helps it glide across the water and easily.

This is an example of Cold War aviation. This is the Bllackbird, the worlds fastest jet propelled aircraft. It was the pinnacle of aviation technology development during the Cold War. It was active for 24 years with about 2,800 hours of flight. On its last flight, the blackbird set a record by flying from Los Angeles to Washington D.C in one hour four minutes.

At a 1959 meeting of the Committee on Space Reaserch of the international Council of Scientific Unions. The United proposed to launch scientific satellites created, designed, and constucted  by scientists from other countries. The firsts nations to respond good were Canada and the United Kingdom.

By: Ashton, Hannah, and Jennifer

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