Best 2013 ever!

California Roadtrip

What did i do?

  • I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and saw some and saw some jellies
  • Went shopping in Santa Cruz (of course)
  • I spent the night in an RV on a cliff beach (where I got poison oak)
  • Spent the night on a different beach where I built a hut made of palm tree leaves!
I took a picture of the jelly fishes. Blub blub blub

First Human Flight

Since my dad is a pilot at the Luhftansa Training facility, he took my brother, our exchange student from Germany and I in one of the training airplanes. I got to fly the actual airplane for part of the time!

I am flying the airplane and texting... Jk. I got mah headset on.

Interesting Book

I also did some really heavy reading over 2013. This book told me the whole summer to read. I would recommend it to anybody. :D

This book was very intruiging.


This is the airplane I flew in to the moon! This was a christmas present to my brother and I.

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