Peer Reviews Available

Check out your Grade Center

Peer Preview

I have graded your Peer Reviews and if you go into the Grade Center you can locate the Peer Reviews that were completed by classmates. I think your peers have good insight into what you can do to improve yourself as well as some highlights of items you did quite well. I will be completing your evaluations, submitting your grade and graded rubric, and creating a personal VoiceThread to give you feedback this week I hope!

Continue to work on your research for your persuasive presentation and research paper. This week you do not have any additional assignments to turn in, I want you to work, work, work... Let me tell you... If you need or would like any help researching journals please contact the UNK Library. I have used them yet again this week and am so impressed with the expertise and help they have provided me! The LoperSearch is great at the library, but if you want to knock the large number of journals down to a managable amount, call the reference desk and they will work with you on what to search for specifically! AMAZING!!!!

Have a great weekend and as always, please contact me with any questions.