In an early afternoon, Bob was at home and playing video games while his parents were still at work. At about 2:00 he was hungry and wanted to buy some food. There was nothing in the refrigerator and Bob had to go buy food himself. Bob didn't want to minute of his video games time, so he sprinted all the way to the closest supermarket. As the fastest and most aggressive runner in his school, he got there in a little more than 10 minutes. Sadly, he figured out that the supermarket was closed and he had to go back because there weren't anymore supermarkets near by. Bob ran back but in a slower pace, after he ran for about 15 more minutes, he met his friend Joe. Joe knew something was wrong and asked Bob what happened. Bob told his friend that he was hungry and the supermarket near by was closed. Luckily Joe had food and shared the food with Bob, and Bob ate, talked and rested for a little more than 20 minutes. They were both happy and forever friends.


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