Johannes Kepler

key figure in the scientific revolution , best known for his laws of planetary motion also known for his books,  Apologia Tychonis contra Nicolaum Ursum,  De stella nova,  and Tertius interveniens. He was well known.

Information about Kepler

Birthday ; December 27 , 1571

Religious Affiliation ; Lutheran

Hometown ;

Political View ; Not absolute power (helped poor, workers & middle class)

Kepler's friends

isacc newton

personal info:

movies: bill Nye.

TV shows: big bang theory.

activities: stargazing and bike riding.

books:  divergent.

interests: volunteering at his church.

contact info:


phone number: 1(800)567-8910

address: 4758 kepler lane

social media: @keplerthegreatest

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