Gun Control

Second Amendment; "the right to bear arms"

Gun Control is an extremley controversial topic

Both the Republican and the Democratic parties have very strong views on gun control laws.

The Republican Party oppose laws to regulate gun control, The Democratic Party supports gun controls laws.

NRA: National Rifile Association- Pressures the government not to pass gun control laws

National Gun Control Inc.- Support gun control, led by Sara Brady

A Case that brought up gun control issues after a mass murder during the playing of Batman at a movie theater in Coloroado.

After the ghastly act of terrorism against a Sikh temple in Wisconsin on Aug. 5,  Americans are pondering how to stop gun violence. We have decided that it is, in  the words of New York Times columnist David Brooks, a problem of psychology, not  sociology. We are trying to fathom the evil ideology of Wade Michael Page. Only  several weeks ago, we were all trying to understand the twisted psychology of  James Holmes, the man who killed 12 innocents at a movie theater in Aurora,  Colo. Before that it was the mania of Jared Loughner, who shot Congresswoman  Gabby Giffords last year.

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A Supreme Court Case Involving Gun Control

In this case the court affirms the 2nd circuit
, which essentially equates the state of mind "wilfully" with
"knowingly" in the Gun Control Act, even though both terms were used, and
wilfully traditionally means a greater state of mind (awareness of what you are
doing, whether it you it on purpose, versus whether you know you are violating
the law in question) than knowingly. Justice Stevens, who believes gun owners
are evil, decides that all the government need show is that the defendant knew
he was violating any law, and not the specific requirement the defendant is
being charged with. The addition of states of mind was a reform in the 1986
FOPA, before that ATF regularly got convictions against persons who had no idea
they were doing anything wrong at all, and in fact thought they were just
selling off their gun collection. This in essence repeals part of that reform,
by judicial decision.

I believe the resrtictions on gun control should be losened up because its in The Constitution. The second amendment states "the right to bear arms". I am on the republican stance on gun control laws.

Below: A man who knows the real version of gun control.

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