The Miller

Amber Fafard & Douglas Leclerc's_Tale

Indirect Characterization:

"At wrestling, never failed he of the ram." (Chaucer 548)

"He'd heave a door from hinges if he willed,/Or break it through, by running, with his head." (Chaucer 550-551)

"He could steal corn and full thrice charge his fees; /And yet he had a thumb of gold, begad."(Chaucer 562-563)

Direct Characterization:

"The miller was a stout Churl, be it known,"/ Hardy and big of brawn and big of bone;"(Chaucer 545-546)

"He was a chunky fellow, broad of build;"(Chaucer 549)

"His beard, as any sow or fox, was red/And broad it was as if it were a spade."(Chaucer 552-553)

Adjectives to Describe the Miller:

Cantankerous, Robust, Beefy, Rugged

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