Learning To Teach
Day 2: Teaching Technology

This day's lesson was about the same thing I'm doing now, blogging. One thing that is being pushed more and more is literacy and writing in classrooms, no matter what discipline you are teaching, math, science, even in physical education. Reading and writing have always been the cornerstones of education but this is something being stressed. In any social studies classroom, both are always around no matter what the subject. My host teacher and myself decided that instead of having the student writing in a notebook every week, we merge the idea of a weekly journal and technology (something else that is being pushed).

The first part of the lesson was showing the students how to navigate through my homepage, my wikispace. This was very simple and the students did not have any problems navigating and understanding my directions of how my home page worked. The second part was creating and writing the first blog.

Tackk honestly is something that is very easy to set up, and every easy to use. The lesson was structured to set up this type of medium and then go through the process of working on this blog for the first time. It seemed that the blogging caught on pretty quick.

When this lesson was over with I was very surprised at how fast the student seemed to take this blog program and run with it.  The results however from what I was seeing right away showed varied results. While most students did not seem to have many questions about the assignment just how to navigate the blog site, some students did not necessarily take off in a sprint, many were at least jogging, while others did a 5K.

However during the last part of the day I went through the first rite of passage every teacher goes through not only during student teaching, but through the teaching career. Because of the weather, the last classes of the day after lunch were canceled. Meaning that I was not going to met with my last period class, loosing all this instructional time with setting up the blog. I then had to figure out how to modify that class the next day so they did not fall behind and it only being day 2. Since I did not have the computers the next day me and my host teacher figured that we could have them first write a paper version with the same instructions. Therefore they would have done a similar assignment and they would not be behind as much from the other classes.

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