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Brief History:

The country of Jovenshine was founded by one great explorer named Joven Shine. The country was named after himself because he was the first to discover and to build a settlement there. Later on other settlers found the land and decided to settle there also. Now over 5 million people live here and are enjoying their lives everyday.


In the country of Jovenshine all the people here have the choice of three religions. Their choices include either being Paletian or Frontian. Being Paletian means that you believe in a creature called the "Rotopon". The Rotopon is a creatue that takes the form of a jaguar and roams the earth 24/7 looking for a great danger to face and defeat. Being Frontian means that you believe in another creature called the "Groton". The Groton is a creature that also looks for great danger but it wanders the earth as a form of a cloud and floats around the sky everyday. Both religions attend church every Tuesday, but Paletians attend church for three hours and Frontians attend church for two hours.


In the country of Jovenshine education is really important. All children go to school everyday Monday through Saturday but only go to school for five hours. All students attend class for six months and then take a break for the other six months of the year. All children must start school at the age of four and don't stop until they are at the age of nineteen years old. School is free and students only have to pay for their supplies for the s


In the country of Jovenshine we have borders around the island and have a full functional army that protects it 24/7. All citizens have a local police department around their area and if they are in any trouble they just have to press 3 twice and that would contact them to their local police department right away. If any citizen does anything illegal they will be sent to a prison and be locked up for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 50 years.


In the country of Jovenshine most people live in medium sized houses. Here in Jovenshine we are a country of big cities and big skyscrapers. We have a population of about over 5 million people and counting. The architecture here in Jovenshine is very modern and very beautiful and worth seeing it in person

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