Room for rent Singapore after the process

Find a room for rent Singapore -

, there are some things need to do. This is not just what do you want to do, is also a landlord and real estate agent to do. You need to know about these things simply. The detailed information is needed according to your actual condition and the landlord or real estate agent requirement.

1. The background check

When you like a real estate agent is put forward to find a room for rent Singapore, they will ask you to authorize them to your background check to verify your employment license, income and bank accounts, or ask you to provide pay stubs or phone number as a reference, you may need to pay a small fee for a few days.

2. The lease

If the landlord accepted your background check, you can start to spell out your lease contract through consultation. Rental contract should include the date and time limit, the amount of the deposit and when to pay the rent, living conditions, without any conditions, and if you smoke or have pets, the landlord will lease and so on a series of terms shall have the right to refuse to you. You can negotiate with the landlord according to your habits change.

3. Negotiations

Negotiations Remember that terms can be negotiated, for example, need a month's rent or the deposit of two months. Free cable TV or Internet. You can even convince the landlord charge and reconstruction expense let you paint the wall like you like. Of course, the landlord will be because your pet also choose to add some conditions, such as not to let it out of your room.

4.The deposit

In general, the first month almost twice as much as you need to pay the rent and one month's rent is you offer deposit to the landlord, or the deposit. Some landlords may charge more than a month's rent as a deposit. Need to pay before you check in, the deposit when you check out back to you. But if you damaged furniture, your deposit will be deducted. You are doingn't need to be responsible for normal wear and tear, such as carpet color becomes shallow, paint fall off naturally. If your pet or friend accidentally breaks the landlord to provide furniture or broken walls, and you will pay the cost of maintenance.

5. Other fees

If you are to find an agent or broker real estate rent, you're going to pay for their services. They will charge according to the market and the actual situation. If you choose is a leasing market, the longer you spend, the less cost.

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