Victoria DeMartino

Hello my name is Victoria DeMartino.  I have two older sisters and one older brother.  I'm 14 years old and I go to school at Girard High School.   I played volleyball for 2 years in Middle School.  I am Italian and a little bit of Russian.  My favorite color is purple and my favorite animal is a polar bear cub.  

3 Interesting things about me!

Nature Photography

I capture this photo.

A interesting thing about me is, I really enjoy taking photographs of nature.  Taking photos of nature relaxes me, and I see and capture amazing effects to the world around us.  I have never taken any photography classes but if I ever get the opportunity too I would, without a doubt.

Roller Coasters

Disney's Animal Kingdom!

A second thing interesting thing about me is.  I love roller coasters, I would call myself a thrill seeker cause I'm addicted to them.  I love the rush you get when your waiting to go down a hill!  My favorite roller coasters are the ones with looped-loops.  Also I have never been to Cedar Point or Six Flags I know I'm missing out.


The last thing interesting thing about me is.  I really enjoy watching Netflix.  I love watching romantic movies on Netflix.  My favorite TV show series is Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  I watch Netflix on my spare time throughout the day.   

My Goals

1. Becoming a Personal Photographer- I plan to accomplish my goal by taking Photography classes and take a class in computers.

2. Passing 9th grade with B average- I plan to accomplish my goal by studding more and paying attention to the key concepts in class more often.   

3. Graduate from Girard High School in 2018- I plan to accomplish my goal by studding and working hard to graduate with my friends in 2018.

I would love to visit Florence Italy!

I always wanted to go to Florence Italy because I'm Italian and I love the scenery there.  It would be amazing if I could go there.  Plus, it would be astonishing if I took photographs in Italy too.  If I went there I would never forget it.

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