3-5 Year Old Needs

Intellectual Needs

Parent teach child to read
  • Allow them to understand words
  • Make sure they recognize certain things
  • Gradually begin to understand the concept of time
  • Let them have a vivid imagination (imaginary play)
  • Stimulating their language
  • Making sure they can process well
  • Give special attention if needed
  • Let them be able to socialize
  • Let them know everything's gonna be okay  

Social Needs

Kids Socializing
  • Allowing them to talk and play with others, let’s them get out of the shyness
  • Join activities with them to get them used to socialize
  • Teach them to take turns and share with others
  • Be sure to let them play dress up’s, toys, and games with other kids
  • Make sure don’t isolate them, or else they’ll have anxiety
  • Let them comprehend conversations
  • Once they are out of their shyness, they’ll begin to notice different sexes (Boys & Girls)
  • Let them watch other kids play
  • They must also have imagination
  • As they mature on, can develop friendships
  • Let them watch TV to see people talking
  • Teach the child social etiquette  

Emotional Needs

Parent praising child
  • A parent must first understand how he/she is feeling without trying to fix it or make it better.
  • Parents should’nt really spoil their children , because children who get everything they want are not getting what they need.
  • Parents should start practicing fascination, instead of being in control all the time.
  • A parent should never do anything for their child that they can do for themselves.
  • Show respect towards your child,and they tend to show the same towards you.
  • A parent should occasionally start praising,their child.

Physical Needs

Kids having coordination & balance.
  • make sure child have food and clothes
  • has a stable household
  • has toys and things to play with in alone time
  • make sure the child eats healthy and gets proper nutrients
  • make sure the child has a good hour of play time
  • teach child how to count
  • teach the child balance and let them walk alone
  • teach the child how to clean him/her self the proper way
  • provide safe environment
  • At this stage children are more aware of changes in their body and are into more physical play

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