K-12 Mobile Learning Apps

EDU 210 Module 9: Mobile Learning

For module 9, 6 Android apps are chosen from Google Play that can be used on Android devices to assist learning and teaching in a secondary school classroom.  


1. Math Claw Machine: Sweet Games

What is it? Math Claw Machine: Sweet Games is an app that offers math games in virtual candy-filled worlds. Each destination comes with a math game that the player must complete before moving on to the next level. There are varying levels of difficulty that the player can choose from.  

How can it be used? This app provides a fun and engaging method of practicing math problems. There are many different obstacles in the game that test different areas of math. Students can use this app to brush up on math skills. This app can also be used in a group activity for students to participate in a fun math competition.

2. WolframAlpha

What is it? WolframAlpha is an app that provides skillful knowledge and calculation of math questions. The app uses a library of algorithms resources to compute answers in a range of math topics, including statistics, trigonometry and algebra.

How can it be used? WolframAlpha can be used to assist students with their math homework and assignments outside of the classroom. When students are unable to seek help from their math teacher, they can easily access Wolfram on their Android devices to seek help from expert mathematicians.


3. Chemistry Helper

What is it? Chemistry Helper is an app that includes helpful information on many different chemistry topics. The app has a copy of the periodic table, a molecular mass calculator, chemistry calculation equations and many other convenient tools suitable for chemistry classes. Chemistry Helper is also linked to many expert chemistry sites.  

How can it be used? Chemistry Helper can be used by secondary school students to support their learning in chemistry class. This app can be used to help students on their chemistry assignments and homework. For example, Chemistry Helper can be used to calculate molarity and constants in Chemistry 30.  

4. Anatomy 3D - Anatronica

What is it? Anatomy 3D-Anatronica is a 3-dimensional guide to the human anatomical system including human skeletal and muscular systems. Anatomy 3D-Anatronica provides an in-depth explanation of each of the anatomical features in the human system. The app also comes with practice quizzes to test the user's knowledge.

How can it be used? Anatomy 3D-Anatronica can be used in higher secondary school biology classes. It can be used to assist students with learning the body parts to prepare students for the dissection unit. In preparation for anatomy quizzes and tests, students can use this app to test their knowledge.


5. Kindle

What is it? Kindle is a book manager/reader app. The app is linked to the Kindle Store where users can choose from millions of reading materials including books, magazines and newspapers. Users can sync their reading materials on different devices and adjust to their preferred reading settings on their mobile devices.

How can it be used? Students can use Kindle to access their reading materials for their language arts classes. They can access free eBooks or purchase reading materials for English assignments and projects. Kindle gives students the flexibility to read at their own pace in their preferred setting.

6. Mindjet Maps

What is it? Mindjet Maps is an app for capturing and organizing information on a mobile device. Mindjet Maps allows the attachment of images, links and notes. Work done on Mindjet Maps can be uploaded to computers and Dropboxes.

How can it be used? Mindjet Maps can be used for students to take notes, brainstorm ideas and save their work. Students can use this app to organize their thoughts for essays and papers. It is also an useful app for organizing their ideas prior to starting a project.


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