THS Instructional News

October 2014
Tarrant High School
Tarrant, AL

Ingrid Abner, Instructional Partner

Big Ups: Spotlight on Teachers

Mrs. Vaughan: On October 14th, Mrs. Vaughan received a visit from the administrative team. During this class period, her students were completing an Anatomy project where they worked in groups to sketch a skeleton and label each bone of the skeletal system. This was an amazing student-centered project that elevated the learning from lower blooms (remembering and naming the bones) to higher level (creating and explaining). Great idea and great facilitation, Mrs. Vaughan!

Mrs. Keo: Mrs. Keo's classroom is always lively. However, on October 17th it was extremely so due to a review game. The students quietly awaited Mrs. Keo's question/problem, talked with their team about the possible answer, and then the team captain quickly pressed the egg-shaped buzzer (Educational Insights 7880 Eggspert Gaming System). The students were so excited to learn that they got a little too loud. But, Mrs. Keo had a solution for that as well. When the students got to loud, she raised her "Quiet" Stop Sign. The students knew at that point to quickly hush or the game would stop and they would receive silent lunch. Great classroom management ideas and awesome classroom competition!

Facilitating Professional Learning

Knight (2011) says that we should  "look at everyone as both a teacher and a learner, regardless of their credentials or years of experience, we will be delightfully surprised by new ideas concepts, strategies, and passions (p.44).

On September 29, 2014, Mr. Lee, new to Tarrant this year, presented a PLC on Writing across the Curriculum for the THS staff. In his presentation, he expressed the need for ALL teachers to reinforce literacy and writing skills in their classrooms. He also introduced some pertinent resources that teachers should use in their classrooms to guide writing instruction.

October's Good Reads

TCS Book Study: Leaders of their Own Learning by Ron Berger

Other Good Finds:

Teach, breathe, learn: Mindfulness in and out of the classroom by Meena Srinivasan (2014) This book helps teachers develop compassion for teaching/living and encourages them to shift from “reacting” to “responding” to the demands of the classroom.

Whole-brain teaching for challenging kids by Chris Biffle (2013)

Ready, Set….Mark your Calendar

Please add the following dates to your personal calendar if you have not already done so..

10/29 Leadership Forum                                    11/4 PLC & CCRS

11/6 PST  (7-9)                                                       11/11 Veterans Day- NO SCHOOL

11/13 Spec Ed/Gen Ed Mtng                              11/18 PLC

11/20 Half Day PD (1:45 pm dismissal)           11/21 Progress Report                                                         

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