The High Prices

Empty Chapter 1

Here is a picture of a oil drill made of money mening it oil costs alot.


  1. It is really hot outside.
  2. It costs a lot of money to use electricity.
  3. Gwen climbed onto the roof of her house because she thinks it will be colder.
  4. Then, she looked at Tom's house and saw Tom in his backyard upset.
  5. She decided she would go talk to him.
  6. Gwen saw that Tom was crying and decided not to.
  7. When Gwen went back to her house, Luke was talking on his phone. She thought she could walk past him unnoticed. But, Luke just finished the call and yelled at Gwen.


What I Know

  • It is 2024, 10 years in the future.
  • It is August during the summer.
  • It is very hot.
  • Gwen is a senior in high school.
  • Gwen likes a her neighbour named Tom.
  • Tom has brown hair and he plays basketball and football.
  • Gwen lives in an old house and the heat had caused the roof to sag.
  • She lives with her brother, Luke.
  • Luke has dark eyes and anger management.



Curious: Gwen is curious because she always climbs onto her roof and watches Tom.                          She wants to know what he does every day. When she saw that Tom was upset,                    she wanted to know why.

Weird: Gwen is weird because she climbs onto her roof. She says it is colder up there,                        she just wants to hide that she is weird and wants to watch Tom.