Brighton Beach Memoirs
by Chris Gomez

The Great Depression

The great depression was when the economy of the U.S. was low. It was low because the stock market crashed in 1929 and million of investors were out of business. It started in the 1930's and it affected everybody. 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed during this time. The economy turned around on the start of world war 2 because the American industry's were in high gear.

College in the 1930's

The college i picked for Eugene is the university of Pittsburgh. The tuition cost in 1930's was about 400$. Room and board cost 520$ for the college. Also books were only 45$ which is way less cheaper than now. Technology, cost of things, education and segregation were a big difference in college then and now. The mascot of the university of Pittsburgh is roc the panther.

The cost of gas was 17 cents in the 1930's. The cost of bread was 5 cents, cost of eggs was 18 cents and cost of ham was 27 cents. The cost of a new car was about 600$ dollars. Also soap was 6 cents a bar toothpaste was 27 cents and laundry soap was 22 cents.

Stan's Apology Letter

I am sorry for the way i acted yesterday. You didn't deserve what i did to you. I shouldn't have put dirt on your shoes. I would like my job back please.

You've always said i was a good kid. Also i have worked there for a while now. I've never done anything like this in the past. I have a pretty good reputation there

The only reason i did this was because my dad told me something. He told me something about standing up for my principles which is sort of like to do whats good. so when i saw you doing that to that man, i reacted. Yes it was my fault that i put dirt on your shoes and I'm sorry and i would like my job back.

Sincerely, Stanley

Broadway Show

The lion king Broadway show first started in 1998. The tickets are 92$ per person. The show won 6 tony awards in 1988. The show has been loved from then to now. It is still on Broadway after all these years.

Personal Review

The play was funny and entertaining, i would recommend this. My favorite character was Stanley because he remind me of my brother. My favorite part in the play was the end. This would be seen for a good time or to have fun.

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