Kelsie and I at Priest lake
I visited my cousins in Portland
We visited the nike employee store in Portland, Oregon
We woke up to this in our front yard
I went longboarding

Wow was this summer fun!! Although, it went by faster than any summer has ever before. My summer started out pretty slow. My mom runs a daycare so I was pretty much just helping out with that. In July I had a soccer retreat for a week and after that, things picked up! I then had multiple soccer tournaments and activities. I play for soccer edge with some of my best friends. After that, I went to silver wood with my best friend Kelsie. We went on roller coasters and the spin cycle... A lot! We also went on the skydiver. When silver wood was over, Kelsie and I went to my brothers basketball tournament in Coeurd'Alene. We walked around the beach and the shops. Also, I went to my friend Ahna's birthday party! At her birthday party, we shopped at the Coeurd'Alene shops! I sure went to Coeurd'Alene a lot! When school was coming, I still wasn't ready for school... Which I usually am. When school finally started, I was happy with my classes and had a friend in pretty much every class. I had an awesome summer!!!

My awesome summer!!!!

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3 years ago

Nice tackk😜😜

3 years ago

Great Tackk! I love the color of your background. Make sure your text isn't centered next time.