My Income+Career Goal Investment

By: Chrislie Dor
Computer Science
Mr. Scribner
March 6, 2014

Preferences for Chrislie fully support being perceptually, subconsciously, and consciously aware of fantasy, symbols, symbolic relationships, abstract ideas, options, and choice of options as they relate to creative or innovative activities. Perception triggers ideas in Chrislie's mind, a process that just happens - a process often called intuition. It is not a conscious effort to logically "come up with" creative ideas; instead, the process is best identified with the statement that "a thought struck me.

A college degree generally is required for a position as an author, writer or editor. Good facility with computers and communications equipment is necessary in order to stay in touch with sources, editors and other writers while working on assignments, whether from home, an office or while traveling.

College of liberal arts

I want to attend Temple University. I would like to go to school to enhance my education regrading creative writing (e.g, Author, Poet, Play Writer).

I can't wait to go to Temple Unversity.

A map to Temple University: