My Life is like a Elevator
By:Keri Wellborn

Life is like a elevator

By:Keri Wellborn

My life is like a elevator,

No matter how much people push the buttons,

On the elevator, thinking it’s gonna be a long way.

When the lights flicker,

Suddenly your in the Pitch Black,

In the dark, thinking creatures are everywhere.

Even when the doors are closing

in on you and you feel like you can’t breathe.

Or even when people leave the elevator

And you all alone, feeling

Unwanted and nobody understands you.

Even when the elevator get stuck,

Wondering will it ever go,

Or will it ever get to the top.

People standing Frustrated,

Wanting the elevator to go,

But, there might be alot of difficults,

But Eventually the elevator will get to the,

Top Floor.

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