Russell Wilson Has been the Star of the Dynasty Owner Season thus far

Top 5 Quarterbacks

1). Russell Wilson - SEA [$750k / Year | 120 Pts | $6k per Point]

We talked about it all off-season and hopefully you were smart enough to grab him on draft day.  Russell Wilson has been hands down the most cost-productive fantasy player in Dynasty Owner.  At his criminal salary of only $750k / year, he's scoring at an unheard of cost of just $6k per point.  To put that in perspective, that's nearly 5 times cheaper then the next best value on this list, Andrew Luck.  Enjoy it this year, Wilson is going to get an enormous extension next year.  

2). Andrew Luck - IND [$5.5MM / Year | 191 Pts | $29k per Point]

Luck has been the best QB in fantasy through a quarter of the season.  In fact, Luck has more passing yards in the last 2 games than Wilson has had all season...though in fairness Wilson has been deadly rushing the ball as well.

Luck has taken the step that fantasy owners would hope he would, going from a top 10 passer to a top 3 passer.  Congratulations if you drafted him this year, just brace yourself we expect him to draw the richest contract in the history of the NFL next season unless he decides to take a discount for team cap flexibility like Tom Brady did.  

3). Nick Foles - PHI [$4MM / Year | 121 Pts | $5,700k per Point]

Similar to Wilson, Foles is propelled on this list by the fact that he's performing well and is still on a backup/middle-round draft pick salary.  In fact, he's actually even cheaper on a per-point basis thus far this year, however Seattle has had a bye already and Philadelphia has not so it's artificially skewed in Foles favor.  That said, Foles appears to be the QB of the present and future in Philadelphia, especially if they keep Chip Kelly, so Foles makes for a very intriguing Dynasty Owner foundation at QB.

4). Phillip Rivers - SD [$15MM / Year | 145 Pts | $105k per Point]

A little bit of a surprise so far this season, Rivers has been consistently a top 5 scoring Quarterback every week so far.  And while he's certainly not the bargain that the QBs on their rookie deals are, he's playing at the Manning/Rodgers/Brees level but is making about 25% less than any of those QBs.  If he keeps this up he will be a very nice value relative to his contract when the season ends.  

5). Brian Hoyer - CLE [$980k / Year | 90 Pts | $10k per Point]

If Rivers a mild surprise, Hoyer is a shocker to make this list after a third of the season is in the books.  Most experts predicted this would be around the time that he handed over the reigns to Johnny Manziel, but Hoyer has certainly silenced any of those calling for Johnny Football.  At a measly $10k per Point, with a bye week already in the books, Hoyer is looking like the QB steal of Dynasty Owner drafts.  He's been remarkably efficient, and he's on pace for for 4,032 yards, 24 TDs, and 4 INTs this season.  And all of this without the leagues most talented WR in Josh Gordon, who he gets back in a few weeks.  If you drafted or picked up Hoyer off waivers you may have just stumbled into a franchise quarterback.  

Honorable Mention:  Kirk Cousins - WAS, Austin Davis - STL

Top 5 Disappointing QBs

1). Cam Newton - CAR [$ 5.5MM/ Year | 74 Pts | $75k per Point]

It's not that Newton's numbers extraordinarily low, and his contract (last year of his rookie deal) is certainly absorbable, it's just that expectations for him were much higher for Dynasty Owners who spent a high pick banking on him being their franchise QB - especially for this year when he was supposed to be a bargain at $5.5MM per year.  There is no doubt he is not playing at 100% but that's little consolation to owners as his injuries (ribs, ankle) appear to be the type that will linger all season.  Hopefully he can turn it around and get hot, he is known to go on 3-4 game stretches like that in the past.

2). Robert Griffin III - WAS [$5MM / Year | 14 Pts | $377k per Point]

The only reason he isn't number 1 on this list is because he got hurt very early in the year and there isn't enough data to make a full assessment, but there is great cause for concern here.  First, the whispers in training camp that Kirk Cousins was better suited to run that offense are getting louder and there are now questions about who will ultimately be the Redskins long-term answer at QB.  RG3 did not look good in training camp or the start of the season, and questions remain about his ability to ever stay in the pocket enough to avoid injury plagued seasons.  

3). Tom Brady - NE [$14MM / Year | 78 Pts | $181k per Point]

The good news is Brady looked much better last week after a disastrous Monday Night showing in Kansas City two weeks ago.  However, owners have to be a little concerned that he's already started the decline in his age 37 season.  Hopefully if you drafted Brady you also took a flyer on a young QB knowing he didn't have long at an elite level, but owners relying on him this year are probably struggling with their production from that position relative to his contract value.

4). Geno Smith - NYJ [$1.2MM / Year | 72 Pts | $17k per Point]

As QB performances go, Smith has easily been the worst 'starting' QB thus far this year.  He's already been pulled once and his head coach is now saying his own job is on the line if things don't turn around.  He probably wasn't drafted too high, so he's lower on this list, but there were still owners who saw the appeal of his rookie contract and thought if he could build off some of the positives from last year he could be a franchise option.  His $DD/PT is actually at a strong level, but nobody would deny that if he doesn't turn it around quickly the Jets will be forced to spend a high draft pick again next year to find the long term answer at QB.

5). EJ Manuel - NO [$2.2MM / Year | 73 Pts | $30k per Point]

The same said about Geno Smith can be said about Manuel.   Another young guy early on a rookie deal who showed flashes of great play last year, Buffalo seems to have already given up on the Florida State product, despite the fact that he wasn't nearly as turnover prone or reckless as Smith.  However he simply wasn't making plays, and was constantly making questionable reads and sailing passes over open WRs.  It looks quite unlikely Manuel will ever turn into a franchise option for your Dynasty Owner franchise.

Honorable Mention:  Drew Brees NO