Tools of the Trade
Christa Gulledge


Edmodo is used for teacher and students to help their students outside of school. You can use it by posting a question on your teachers classroom page. you can also turn in homework  and view power points. The benefits are that you can ask your teacher for help outside of school.


Remind is a broad casting system. It would simply send you a text or email so you won't forget any thing. This is so you won't forget anything for a homework assignment.

This is a tool to use and make info graphics. You can either make one or you can use a template and put information to a curtain subject. The benefit is that you can show information in a different way.


It is a web site where you can make pages in your own way. You would simply pick a color and click a button of what you want. You can add as many things of you sank it is easy.

The IB Design Cycle

It is a process used to solve problems. It is easy to solve problems with multiple solutions. You would follow the steps below in order for the process for a project or a essay.

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