Kindergarten Math Resources

“Teaching Through Problem Solving” is equivalent to “Teaching Through the Process Standards.”

Games listed for K:

  • G4-Anything But Ten! (p.17-21, RG-4, 100 chart)
  • G5- Build Ten (p.22-25, RG-5)
  • G8- Compare Shake & Spill
  • G15- Greater than, Less than, Equal to
  • G21- More!
  • G22- Odd or Even?
  • G32- Tens Go Fish (p.176-180, RG-32, Numeral Cards 0-10)

After the game is played, then ask the students what warnings or suggestions (chart their responses) they would give to someone else without giving away their strategies.

Parent Homework Ideas

* Have your child practice counting items in your house up to the number 12, then 21, then 32, and then on to 100.

* Have your child practice matching number cards to the amounts they count.

* Have your child practice writing the number that represents the number of items they count.