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If you do good, good will come to you. Having more good people in the world has its benefits and its negative impacts. Benefits being that it would sustain conflicts, end wars and wouldn't have to worry about endangered people. But in the result of that people would lose there jobs and would have nothing to do that being there profession is to protect people.

However , having more good people in this world would help gain some kind of trust. People wouldn't need to worry about if there house, car, personal information ect. will be exposed and or stolen at any moment. Our teen rape percentage will go down, animal abuse and abandonment's will disappear, the list of bad things that are going on in this world can go on and on but the thought of those many problems completely disappearing leave you to question what will happen to our U.S. Army , police departments , government, border patrol etc. Although it would be nice to have more good people in the world you also have to think about what is best for everyone else as well.

In that case, the decision of whether to want more good people in this world can go both ways so you cant really choose a side , but in my opinion i believe it would be nice i mean we wont have to worry about polluted oceans, any gang related issues occurring, no conflicts between country's. I mean i don't think all those people would completely lose there jobs. I am sure we can find something for them to do . I think it could actually help the world we would have more people to build more homes for people with no homes, help in farming to produce more food, help clean up more city's make every place a place to want to visit.

So in conclusion, the thought of having more good people in the world makes me wonder what it will actually be like to experience having good in this world, Maybe in the future, but as if right now i don't see this world changing one bit, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing but i think everyone needs a little change in there life.


Name : Andy Gonzalez

Phone: (915)287-5321

Address: 5379 Royce Dr.

website: www.miss_andy.org

Email: shortcakee88@yahoo.com

Objective: To obtain in being a marine biologist I plan to help educate more students about biology, so with the knowledge I get from collage I plan to share it with students, and photography being in journalism and a flags coach .

Education: Lujan Chavez Elementary 7 years , Sun Ridge Middle 3 years, El Dorado 9th grade Academy 1 year.

Accomplishments: In 2014 I got an award for winning 1st place in the district for a photo I had took of my middle school track team at the district meet. I also accomplished graduating 8th grade.

Experience: With kids I baby sit almost twice a month. with photography I took picture's for a little girls first birthday and I won the district contest and i am 2 years experienced in flags.

Skills: I am a really good photographer and good at flags.

Letter of recommendation

I would gratefully like to recommend, Joshua Messer to attend the University of Organ, and be apart of your Track and Field program. Joshua is a very hard working student, he doesn't disappoint when it comes to his education. Not only is he an amazing student, but an amazing athlete on the field. Joshua was on the Varsity track team at Eldorado high school starting sophomore year. He's interest and passion for the sport began in his 7th grade year at Sun-ridge Middle School. He began to be scouted in middle school , by former High Schools. Even then he was an out standing runner. We recognize the fact that your University hold an amazing track ad field program and hold the best athletes in your hands. I think josh would be amazing for your program, and would represent your university well. Please take it into consideration and watch Joshua's District meet video we have provided for you, and I am sure you will be Farley impressed. Thank you for your time and consideration.



letter of intent

Gonzalez Andrea Rae,

1234 Sesame Street

El Paso TX 79943

May 18, 2015

Mr.Trevizo , Teacher

Teacher assistant

14400 Pebble Hills Blvd.

El Paso TX 7993

Dear Mr. Trevizo ,

I am interested in becoming a school teacher And was recommended from administration to come to you for guidance. I am offering my assistance to you and your students to get the feel of a class room environment. I was an assistant at Lujan Chavez Elementary but I would much rather be in a High school environment. I am expecting for the students to be more mature, and responsible. So I have decided to come to you in a sense of a role model and you could be someone I look up to, and inspiration. I will dedicate my time to you and your students in the class room, I will assist to you and your needs, making test, printing assignments, grading papers, and or helping with a daily lesson. I am asking that you please take my assistance in to consideration and that you get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you for your time , please contact me at (915)123-45678 and or threw email at shortcake88@yahoo.com

Thank you,