Atmosphere- By: Jesus Martinez

Thermosphere is the hotest layer. The resson why it is the hotest  is beacuse it is the clossest to the sun. If u were to vist thermosphere u would have to ware a oxygen mask, Because the oxygen is spread out the most. The northren lights happen here.

Mesosphere it is cold,protects us from meteors. It is also the middle layer of our atmosphere.

Stratosphere it gets cold to start with , then gets hotter. It is the ozone layer of the atmosphere. This layer protects us from the sun.

Troposhere is were the weather occurs. 90% of mass is found here in Troposhere. IT gets colder as we go higher in the atmosphere. we live here in troposphere.

The atmosphere keeps it a warm temputre on earth.

It keep's gases from spreading in to space locked in a big circle.

It blocks the sun from burning us up.

If u did not know the atmosphere has all kinds of layers.

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