My Income + Career Goal Investigation
By: Julie Pham
Computer Science Class- Period 5
Completed: 10 March 2014

Description of My Search

The results of my Vocational Choice Survey (A) showed that I am an Artistic, Social, and Realistic. According to my (AA) handout the three career choices I made were Counselor, Dancer, and Police Officer.

After consulting with my partner, I decided to look more closely at becoming a dancer. Here is a link to the "Making Dance" link to the requirements for that career:

I will need to have a high level of training and ability in at least one form of dance, for example: classical ballet, modern stage dance, contemporary dance, street dance, African or Asian dance. I would also need to try to attend as many dance performances. I will also need training in yoga and marital arts. I don't have to go to college for this but, its better if I do go to a Arts college for expeirence. Some places you will need a graduate degree. Like CSLUB you will need a graduate degree

The income levels for a Dancer are at the following link:

I want to work at Long Beach , and I have a plan to attend California State University Long Beach (CSULB) for both ungraduate and graduate degree programs. Here is the link to the cost of the tuition for CSULB:

Here is a link for the California State University Long Beach open position:

I am very excited to follow my career path as soon as possible.

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