Serious Business

Angie Johnson 4/16/2014

Chester's a looker.

does this thing,
a deep growling rumble,
when he plays.
His paws stretch forward
head dips
shoulders crouch,
rounding up on hind legs,
tail nodding to the left,
a sideways
bob bob bob,
a bow
thumping his rump to a number.

Visitors don't know
whether to laugh and stretch their hands
for his puffy fluff,
stand fixed like a tree.
(Though if he takes you for a tree,
that could be another problem.)

He isn't angry;
He just takes his games very seriously--
even the silliest ones,
the yellow ducky tug of war he knows he will lose,
the crushed-liter-bottle-hide-'n'-seek that leaves him treatless--
You need to take them seriously, too,
for Pete's sake.
And just to remind you that
this play is business, people,
he growls:
doggone you,