Portable Screw Air Compressor Maintenance Tips

Portable screw is one of the most popular air compressor model used to meet the industrial plant's demands. This due to its improved efficiency and relative low cost maintenance. When compared to other types of air compressors, portable screw air compressors usually require less maintenance routine while others a more periodic and more expensive maintenance routine.

It is important to reminder that each portable screw air compressor manufacture has a specific maintenance interval that should be followed for warranty purposes. Thus the following preventive maintenance tips can be used as guidelines. Always follow your compressor manufacture's safety procedures when performing a maintenance routine.

Air Filters: Air filters are usually a paper type filter used to protect the compressor air-end element from environmental contaminates. Under normal conditions, change this filter after 2000 hours of operation. However if your compressor is used in a dirty, dusty environment, this filter will have to be changed more frequently.

Oil Filter: Used to keep the oil clean from any contaminates, this filter must be changed out after the first 500 hours of new compressor operation. Once this is completed, the filter need to be changed out every 2000 hours of operation. If the oil filter start to become clogged up with a large amount of contaminants, the compressors discharge temperature will start to rise and this is one of the first signs that the oil filter needs to be changed.

Air/Oil Separator: A filter used to separate the oil from the compressed air before it is discharged out of the compressor. This filter can usually be changed together with the oil filter change – normally every 4000 to 8000 hours of operation.

Drive Belts: If your portable screw air compressor has a drive belt that helps turn the air-end element, it is recommended this belt to be changed out at least once a year or after 8000 hours of operation.

Automatic Belt Tensioning Device: If your unit is provided with an auto adjusting belt tension, then this also needs to be changed out when you change out the drive belts.

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