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Drake Cross

Tennessee Aquarium Trip

When I first got to te aquarium it was pretty interesting, but I've been to it before so it wasn't that interesting. It smelled like fish and animals, I heard a lot of talking from all of my friends.  

This is an individual, it's habitat is saltwater

An individual is one species that is by itself. An population is more than one of the same species that live together in the same habitat.

This species takes away fish from the environment,but it keeps the population of the fish balanced. It needs saltwater to live.  

Commensalism is were one organism benefits and the other is not harmed or beneficial. (clown fish and sea anemone)

Mutualism is were both of the organisms benefit from each other. (shark and the cleaner fish)

Parasitism is were one organism benefits and the other is harmed. (shark and the fish)

Most of the groups they benefit so they live on had help the others.

A community is a bunch of different populations combined. A ecosystem is a community with abiotic and biotic factors.     Abiotic and biotic factors need each other for, food, shelter, energy exchange and many more.

(top left) Fungi, they are cellular and multicellular, they can have a cell wall or they can't, they can be poisonous.  (top right) Protista, they are eukaryotic, seaweed was a Plantae but was changed to Protista, and they are unicellular.

(bottom left) Plantae, it makes its own food, it is asexual and sexual, and it has a cell wall.   (bottom right) Animal, it can be a fish, they are sexual, they can live on both land and water.

(shark) Consumer, Heterotroph, it means it depends on other animals for its food.

Producer-Are the thing that get there own food.

Consumer-Are the things that have to eat other animals for food.

Decomposer-Are the bacteria and fungi, they eat decaying matter; dead plants and animals.

Air, Sun, Rain are all abiotic factors. Air dose not have a cell (dead). Sun is just a big ball of gas. Rain is just water, but fresh water with no cells (dead). Everything needs sun light, they need air to breath, and they need rain to live without dying of dehydration.

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