the golden gate bridge:
the iron horse

The Golden Gate Bridge is a bridge that stretches from San Francisco to northern Cali. They started building the bridge in 1933 and finished it in 1937. The bridge is a really big suspension bridge. Since it was built, 1.5 billion people crossed the bridge.

In what ways did the Golden Gate Bridge effect/change the economy?  -The Golden Gate Bridge didn't effect the economy much but what it did do is it provided an easier transportation to the people.


~The length of the bridge was 1.7 miles

~The width was 90 feet

~The span was 4,000 feet

~390,000 cubic yards

~200 foot drop

~746 foot international orange towers


~May 1, 1930 was the application for approval of the bridge

~Feb 12, 1930 the engineering board met

~Jan 5, 1933 the construction began

~May 27, 1937 the bridge opened and 200,000 people came

~Took 4 years to build

The bridge took 4 years to build. The most important dates are Jan 5, 1933 and May 27, 1937. The other dates aren't as important but they give us more detail about the dates for the Golden Gate Bridge.                                                                                                          

interesting facts

~The military wanted to paint the bridge with black and yellow stripes

~The bridge's original design was rejected

~The bridge is the top suicide location

~The bridge's color was not suppose to be permanent

These facts are very interesting because I didn't know some of these. They also give more history about the Golden Gate Bridge by listing very cool facts that some people may not have known.

peoples jobs

~Former farmers, clerks, and taxi-cab drivers became high steel men

~Joseph B. Strauss was chief engineer

~Had to be an iron-worker (some people lied about being one just for the money

~The people earned $4-11 per day

The people working on the Golden Gate Bridge were former farmers and clerks. Some of the men that needed more money went to work on the bridge. They earned about 10,227 a year.

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