Maggie Copus

I am Maggie copus. I'm in 9th grade and I like hanging out with my friends. My best friends are Cassie and Toni. I really love cats and I have 5. My favorite colors are lime green, purple ,and black.

3 Things about me


I love playing xbox with my friends. I play games like minecraft and battle block theater. I play xbox 360 and xbox one.


I really love cats and they are my favorite animal. They are my favorite because they are really pretty and soft. I have 5 cats at home and i love them all. The cat in the picture is not mine, but my  favorite color of cat is orange.

Sour Skittles

My favorite candy is sour skittles. I really love sour stuff because it just tastes best to me. I love all kinds of skittles but sour is my favorite.

My 3 goals

1. My first goal would to become better at cutting hair because that's what i want to do when i grow up. I plan to do that by practicing on myself and other people. I've cut a few peoples hair and they likes the results.

2. My second goal is to become better at running because i get tired really easy. To achieve that goal I need to practice more on running.

3.My third goal is to get all of my homework in on time and to not miss a day of school this year. I will do that goal by not getting sick and trying harder in school.

A place I'd like to visit

A place i'd like to visit is London England. I would like to visit there because I've always liked to see Europe and London speaks English so I could actually understand people. Also i'd really like to see Big Ben.

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