The Trinity

By Julia Shunia and Marisa Khamis

The 3 Persons in One God: The Trinity

-Is made up of three persons in one God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

-The three persons are distinct and inseparable.

-Inseparable means that the Father,Son, and Holy Spirit are complete, whole, and entire.

-The Nicene Creed professes our belief in the Trinity."We believe in one God."

God the Father

-The first person of the Trinity.

- Is the generator which means that he is the creator of the earth.

- He is unbegotten which means that he has always existed.

-God is neither male or female.

God the Son

- Is the second person of the Trinity.

-He is begotten of the Father which means that he comes from the Father.

-He is incarnate which means that he is fully God and human.

-He is also called the anointed one or Christ.

God the Holy Spirit

-Is the third person of the Trinity.

-The Holy Spirit precedes from the Father and the Son.

-Spoke to God's people through the prophets.

-Prepared Jesus for his mission to redeem us.

The Nicene Creed

-States all of the facts about the Trinity that we profess at church.

-Tells how the Trinity is a communion of three people who are united by love and unity.

-Also states that God is eternal, always there for us, and how he knew everyone and everything from the start of creation.

-It also says how the Trinity can be a model for us in our daily lives.

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