Operation Breakthrough is breaking throught the chains of poverty

By: Ellie

Imagine you're watching T.V. then suddenly you hear “bang bang” and your window shatters everywhere you now have gotten up from your couch and you’re running through your house searching for a big enough cupboard to hide because a shooting riot has started in your neighborhood-again. As a matter of fact it is the 4th time this week. And that my friends is what happens to most of the kids that go to Operation Breakthrough. I am nominating Operation Breakthrough for the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award.

Operation Breakthrough was founded by Sister Berta Sailer and Sr. Corita Bussanmas more than four decades ago in 1969. It is a daycare for kids in the nearby area that have parents that either need to go to school or need to find a job. And sometimes finding a job means going door to door asking for jobs such as mowing the lawn, or as an extreme a job could even be even selling drugs to people. There was a two year old boy that ate crack cocaine that his mother was potentially selling as something to earn money. Right now he is living with his grandparents safe and sound but it looks like he wasn’t raised the best. When he first went to Operation Breakthrough they sat him down to eat and he stuck his face in the bowl like a dog. He also had the skill of a 8 month year old baby and he was almost two. 6 years later he is acting his age at Operation Breakthrough. He is about eight and living hopefully happily.

Most kids that go to Operation Breakthrough have parents that care and want what is best for them. But some parents just drop them off at Operation Breakthrough to get them off their hands while they are working. Sister Corita thinks that they need the best and the best is love, for the children. But she also thinks that the parents need the best too, so

she helps the parents by giving money to them so they can go to college or just help with financial support. But she only will help those that truly need help. She will help them in all that she can. Sister Berta and Sister Corita have truly devoted their lives to help the lives of others and that is why I want to nominate my humanitarian for the robert burns award.

Operation breakthrough has had a great impact on families living in the urban Kansas climates. O.B. provides therapy for kids, 4 through 12, that have witnessed loss, abuse, or violence. Or the kids can go to the anti-violence class. O.B. also has enrichment classes for kids that want to do fun activities but don't have enough money. But to help with that there is also adult therapy for the struggling parents that needs help with money and health. Volunteers help with kids and also give them a friend for the day. The volunteers also help with the hot breakfast and a hot lunch during the day. Operation Breakthrough is probably the best thing that happen during the day because over 20% of kids at Operation Breakthrough are homeless.

Operation Breakthrough is accepting to all kinds of kids. Blacks, whites, homeless, abused. Whenever someone comes in to O.B. there is always a kind welcome waiting for the kids. Once the kids feel at home they cand start taking classes that Operation Breakthrough provides.Like the anti-violence class helps the kids to know how to protect them when gun shots, fire, tornados, and other things that could go on in a dangerous neighborhood like where most the kids live in.

I volunteer at Operation Breakthrough and I truly know how much Operation Breakthrough means to the kids. Operation Breakthrough is kind, caring, accepting, and protective to everyone, and thats why I want to nominate my humanitarian for the Robert Burns award.

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