Babe Ruth

                                                                   "The Legend"

                                                                By: Moabir Siddiqui

                                                 Birth and Death Date (1895-1948)

                                                  Religious Views: Roman Catholic

                                                  Political View: Democratic

                                                  Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

          Family Members: George Herman Ruth, Sr and Katherine Schamberger

                                                               About Me:

Babe Ruth was born George Herman Ruth Jr. to an German ascent family in Baltimore, Maryland. His parents lived in small apartment that was owned previously by his grandfather where his dad owned a salon. He went to St. Mary where he was chosen to play baseball until he was 18. The next year in 1914, he signed his first professional contract to the Baltimore Orioles.  He later joined Boston Redsox to become a major star in baseball.

Babe initial success didn't come until he was with the New York Yankees from 1920-34. He won his batting title in 1924  and scored almost 700 home runs during his career and retired in 1935 with the Boston Braves. He was an AL MVP in 1923 and had 7 world-series championship. He was inducted into hall of fame in 1936.

                                                          Occupation and Education:

                   Baseball player and graduated from St. May Industrial School for Boys.

  Marital Status: Helen Woodford (1914 - 1925), Claire Merritt Hodgson (1929-1948)

5 Friends: Lou Gehrig, Jim Thorpe, Jimmy Walker, Joe Bush and Bobby Valentine.


3 Cool Facts:

- Babe Ruth was called "Niggerlips" by his friends because of his darker skin tone.

-  Babe parents lost six children in infancy with only him and his sister surviving.

-  Red Soxs won 3 title in 6 years with Ruth and 4 without him in 107 years.

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2 years ago

The pictures were nice and well structured.I was surprise to find out his parents lost six children.