History:China is a very beautiful place we have beautiful rivers palaces and we have a lot of things and inventions like we made the wheelbarrow. We used it a lot to carry goods and crops. But we also had to protect ourselves well we created the great wall of China. We created it because we had many attacks and couldn't defend for long. After awhile our Qin Shi Huangdi the emperor of China got tired of attacks so he created the enormous wall. It was over 25 feet tall and many of our workers died creating it. But it helps China from attacks thats why we built it.     

Well China is a beautiful place it has many cultures and we have many tourist every year. and we have deal that will knock your socks off. We have our own exclusive grass huts for you look

Amusement park: And we have a awesome fun amusement park called Wacky Water Park of China.You get to swim in the Huang He. Then you get a tour of the land with your own personal guide.

Accommodations and Dining: And we have a area by your hut where you get your own chinese chef. You will be looking for this guy and he will make you anything. And we recommend our chinese stir fury with vegetables and rice it is the best. Did you know we the chinese made the stir fry because we had not enough would so we cut everything in small pieces so it would cook faster and it is good and it works.  

We thank you for your time and thank you for reading if you have any questions listen to rumors but other wise book your vaca today

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