80 Years Removed

The year is 2092 and Earth is beyond repair. Luckily there were enough technological advancements prior to the destruction to save humanity. In order to save the human race, everyone was moved to and dispersed among Mars. Their governing body is referred to as ‘The Supremes’. This is the story of a young boy named Jib and the struggles he faced after the Great Migration.

“Jib! I heard the mailer go off. Go see what The Supremes sent.”

“Yes Mother,” replied Jib in an exhausted tone. Reluctantly, he shuffled over to the device and pulled up an urgent message. He read it to himself as Demur read it over his shoulder. It was a note from The Supreme requesting Jib to leave his home in Solis Lacus and go to the capitol in Valles Marineris for testing.

“Jib you have to tell your mom,” whispered Demur.

“No way! I can do this on my own.”

“She is going to be devastated when she finds out you left. She can not stand to lose anyone else.”

The next morning Jib and Demur set off on the two day adventure south, via hoverboards. They were greeted in Valles Marineris by Buena, the head scientist of the testing. She informed Jib that, in an effort to save civilization, Jib would be tested for eternal life. The two would be housed in a solitary housing compartment for three days. On the first day Jib’s IQ would be tested, the second day would bring common sense tests. If he passed the first two trials, his overall fitness would be the last hurdle in his adventure for eternal life. Demur, however, would be allowed to roam free because Jib would not be allowed his guidance during the tests.

The following morning, Buena introduced Jib to his tester. Malo was a large man who wore a constant look of rage in his face. After the introductions were through Malo and Jib got straight to work. Each test that Jib was given turned out to be a breeze for him. As the time ran closer to lunch, Jib began to notice his growing crowd in the observatory. At lunch Jib was conversing with others from the capitol area that had heard of Malo. His angry face only appeared when he was around young boys because Malo had lost his son when he was about Jib’s age. After Jib had finished eating he returned to the testing room. He was given a few more sections of the IQ test then was able to see his preliminary results. He had just missed passing the day by one point! This puzzled Jib because he was considered a genius back home even though he was only one year old.

As the second day of testing approached Jib was even more motivated to pass with flying colors. He went through the entire morning session and throughout the afternoon feeling confident. This was before learning that he had just missed passing again by only one point. Frustrated and flustered by the last two days he marched his little legs, with Demur at his side, down to Buena’s office to tell her about the previous events. She was astonished! The only reason she had Jib tested was merely to avoid an angry boss because she had been watching Jib for his entire one year of life and knew exactly what he was capable of. Buena offered retesting but could not guarantee that Malo would pass Jib the second time.

Jib decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. He knew that eternal life would greatly benefit his entire race and he was determined to make a difference.

On the eve of the second day, with the help Buena and a reluctant Demur, Jib snuck into the record room and changed his test scores. This way he could go the the last testing session and at least have a shot at helping humanity.

The third morning in the testing lab stood a blank faced Malo. He was astonished at the fact that Jib, after two failures, was able to test on the third day. Not giving Jib anytime to ask questions Malo lunged at him. After 30 minutes of intense fighting Malo stopped walked over to the table wrote down a few things and handed the paper to Jib.

This was it! The last thing he needed to complete his testing. The paper was to be taken to the lab as proof of testing. It even had a hand written recommendation from Buena saying that he was exactly the type of candidate they were looking for, one that was smart, fit, and fought for what he wanted.

The lab instructed him to return home and await further information about the operation for eternal life. Jib and Demur were given a ride home on a passenger hovercraft. Upon his return, he ran to his mother and gave her a great big hug. Her only reply was “Do not ever leave me again.”

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