The Similarities and Differences of 3 Hurricane Stories

How can three different stories have both similarities and differences? Well the true stories of Matt, Ariel, and De' monte have both of those things. To begin with there are many similarities in the three stories.  All these fantastic stories happened because of a hurricane. The thing about these three stories is that all these people were young and, that they were very brave. Matt, Ariel, and De' monte were known as heroes. The reason for that was because they all saved someone's life.  Therefore, Matt, Ariel, and De'monte did have their own differences. Now Matt is a seventeen year old boy, and what Matt did for becoming a hero to people was he saved a grandma and two dogs. He never got a medal or anything like that, but he did get the thank you's from the people he safe. The hurricane that Matt was in was Hurricane Sandy. People told Matt's family they had to evacuate, but they never did. Then later on when they wanted to, it was just to late.                                                              On the other hand Ariel's hurricane story was different. Even though she did go through the same hurricane that Matt went through, which was Hurricane Sandy. What fourteen year old Ariel did to save people and become a hero was that she started a face book page. Ariel's page was called Survivors Silver Lining. It was made to get people to donate thing to the people who lost their things in Hurricane Sandy. Ariel eventually did get a medal from President Obama for helping all the kids in need, but Ariel could have been one of those children indeed. Just before Sandy struck Rock away, New York she and her family were told to evacuate as well, but they didn't listen. The thing about Ariel's family was that they were lucky, because they actually got to escape Sandy.                                                             Last but not least, six year old De'monte has a totally different story. De'monte was trapped by Hurricane Katrina. When the helicopters came to rescue De'monte they could only put him and his baby brother in the helicopter. Along with other kids that were younger than De'monte. De'monte had to leave his mom behind. De'monte helped about six kids in total that didn't have their parents with them, because of the hurricane. That's what made him the young hero he is now. He also did get a book written about him and the kids he safe.

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