The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

By John Boyne

This book breaks down barriers as you read it. You are engaged to see what happens next for the boy and his strange friend. You cant help but watch in awe as the curious minds of children interact with our harsh world. This book is a novel of a young man and his strange friend in the striped pajamas who lives behind the fence and their adventures together. The adventures seem harmless but while the worlds at war there is no such thing as harmless fun. This is a great new perspective on a harsh reality we know as The Holocaust.

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This lightly toned song expresses the mood in the first few pages. The beggining of a dark story starts off on a happy germa street with a few kids. Bruno and the other boys are playfully running through the streets enjoying a beutiful day hidden from the true horrors of war.

This song shows the childhood part of the story. They are both very curious about eachother and why eachother are there. This song brings a special twist to Bruno and Samuels relationship.

This famous song by Paul McCartney shows the sadness and despair of the story. His lyrics really hit a chord with some people and create a special mood. The tone expresses the true darkness of the plot some of us might not discover, for it is hidden by a friendly relationship between two boys.

This song is very emotional. The block buster movie "Titanic" really made this song famous. It connects to the book because it shows the grim heartbreaking side of the story,  all the broken families and relationships the Nazi's caused are really told in this song.

This song is very depressing. It really brings out the childhood and innocence in the ending, along with the harsh reality. The sad ending of the two boys dying is really shown in the sad tune of this song.

Quotes on the book-

"You will be surprised by the ending, its powerful and disturbing" -Christina Brownell

"Sad, sentimental, and achingly heartbreaking" -Kassandra Ortiz

"Unfortunate" -Tanner Imelio

I give this book /5 stars.

This story takes place at a Nazi concentration camp somewhere in German controlled Poland.

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That movie was sad

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Such a sad movie