Physical Education (Secondary Education)

1. MyFitnessPal- *FREE* It is a collection of fitness apps synchronized with myfitnesspal.com. Calorie counter, specified food and exercise entries, syncs with website, add friends, recipe calculator, barcode scanner.

2. MapMyRun- *FREE* Noted best running app in 2012. Built to help runners, joggers, and walkers of all ability levels and ages. Tracks: pace, gps route, distance, route navigation calorie counter, elevation profile, nutrition, food, and weight tracking.

3. Livestrong.com- Calorie counter. *FREE* Create and edit a custom meal, counts calories, track your days and look back on them, go for a jog and your calories are automatically calculated, nutrition graphs display grams.

4. RunKeeper- *FREE* Tracks your runs, walks, bike rides, hikes! Gives you states around your pace, distance, and time. Measures your heart rate, controls music, allows you to take pictures along the way to share and save as you go.

5. Fitocracy- *FREE* Tracks work outs, earn points, unlock achievements, beat requests, tracks speed, flexible, allows for adventures, inspiring, motivating, allows you to import or export devices with app.

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