Join Diigo to Share Resources! is a website that allows users to collect and organize bookmarks in one place. Users can also join Groups to share important resources and links.

Our World History PLT now has a Diigo Group of our own! No more having to send tons of emails to share links to resources and websites we use in our classes everyday.

Step 1: Joining Diigo

Go to On the home screen, select "Get Diigo Now. Free!".

Select the Free account.

On the next screen, you will create our account by providing a Username, Email Address and Password. Don't forget the "I'm Not a Robot." checkbox!

After this step, you will be signed up for Diigo. You will receive an activation email. Simply click the link provided in the email and you will be ready to use Diigo.

Step 2: Joining the Group

When you are logged in, click the "My Groups" tab on the toolbar at the top of the site. On this screen, you will click "1 Group Invitation Request".

To join our World History PLT Group, click the blue "Accept" button. You will be prompted to select your email subscription preferences. You can choose to get updates from the group daily, weekly, monthly or never.

After you accept the group invitation and select you email subscription preference, you will the group's screen. To get to the group page quickly after you are a member, go to

Step 3: Sharing Resources

To add a resource, simply click the "Bookmark" button on the World History PLT Group Page. Then, copy the website URL to the appropriate box. Give your resource a title and let the group know about how you use it.

You can also add tags to organize topics. (Ex. WWII or ColdWar)

On the Diigo Group page, you can also participate in Topic Discussions. To respond to a Topic Discussion, simply click the title and type your response. Make sure you click "Post" after you are done typing your response.

You can add your own discussion topics by clicking "Topic" next to the "Bookmark" button on the Group Page.

You are now ready to share resources with the World History PLT. Share the best websites and links you use in your World History Classes with the group so we can all learn from each other!

Doing More with Diigo

This short YouTube Video goes over taking Diigo to the next level by adding "Diigolet" to your Chrome Toolbar. Using this add-on to your toolbar allows you to quickly add websites to the group page with a few easy clicks. The video does a great job explaining how to add and use "Diigolet" on your Chrome Browser.

The "Diigolet" toolbar is small and doesn't take up much space. It is incredibly easy to install and use. It makes Diigo easier and quicker to use. If you want to really dive in to Diigo, definitely give it a try!

If you have other questions about Diigo, check out the Diigo Help Page at

Thanks for joining Diigo and the World History PLT Group!

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