Anxiety can be felt in many different ways.  There are many symptoms that are associated with anxiety. Anxiety can both be physical and psychological. This disorder someone might feel worried about many different issues all at once.  Feeling on edge for a long time.  A person can feel like they are having a heart attack with chest pain and short of breath.  Feeling dizzy ,tired, trouble sleeping, fast heart beat, problem sleeping restless and irritable can also be symptoms of anxiety.  There many different treatments for anxiety.  One might work better for one person but not another.  A simple exercise program might be all a person needs to relieve stress tat would reduce their anxiety. Other people might need medications to relieve their anxiety or even cognitive behavioral therapy.  Some might need both.  There many different organization and therapy groups that help you.  You personal doctor is the first place I would start if your having problems.  You also just talk to someone.  Your best friend, your parents and even your pastor.  About 40 million people in the US can suffer fro anxiety a year (MedMD).  A lot of people think that a mental illness are rare and will not happen to them.  They are wrong. An estimated 54 million people will suffer from a mental illness a year(Mental health America).

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