Is HIV really incurable?

Scientist are getting close to find a cure for HIV

Studies are showing some great results in treatment of HIV. But first of all, let’s describe a little what HIV treatments are. Depending of much progress the virus has made inside the infected person, the treatment differs. I won’t go into details because it’s really complex and difficult to understand for a person without any knowledge in this domain. Basically, the main goal of these treatments is to prevent the virus of growing. In July 7–16, 1996, scientist David Ho and George Shaw had shown some studies proving that the HIV virus produces more than 10 billion virions per day. Following this announcement, a lot of scientist realised that they need to find a way to prevent this. If they are able to do that, the infected persons will be able to live normally because the virus won’t be growing. Indeed, after that scientists came out with a 3-drugs treatment that should prevent the virus of growing while reinforcing the immune system. Within month of applying this new treatment with people with the HIV virus, studies have shown some impressive results: A reduction of 60% to 80% of hospitalization and death!

Even if science has made a lot of progress, there is still much to do. Now, scientists are trying to find a way of supressing main reservoir of the virus. And that is hard to do because that the main reservoir of the HIV virus stays in a cell in a dormant state that makes it practically impossible to find. To this day, there is only one patient that has been able to be cure totally of HIV. This has been possible using complex surgery and, unfortunately, can’t be done to every patient.


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