How The Universe Was Created

by Conner Jenkins

The universe began with the big bang, about 14 billion years ago.The process of this event was called cosmic inflation. It was a sudden explosion that took about a billionth of a second. In this small amount of time the universe grew from something smaller than a pin head to something bigger than our solar system. As the cosmic inflation was happening hydrogen was squeezed and heated up creating stars. When these stars got really big they turned into Super Novas and exploded.

The big bang.

As the universe expanded gases came together to form huge clouds known as protogalaxies. The protogalaxies gave life to other stars. The stars, gases and dust came together to form groups of galaxies. Today the universe is made of billions of galaxies.

COOL FACT #1 - Some stars in the sky are not actually there. They died a long time ago. The reason we still see them is because they are light years away from Earth and the light from their image is only reaching us now.

Without something to glue the planets and stars together in a galaxy they would fall apart. But scientists have discovered what it is that keeps them in place - they call it Dark Matter.

                                                         A Galaxy in the Night Sky

As supernovas exploded they scattered the ingredients needed to make planets and other stars, including our sun. The main ingredients created by the supernovas were oxygen, hyhelium, carbon and iron. These ingredients were pulled into the gravitational orbit of stars and as they collided into each other, together with dust and ice, planets and solar systems were formed.      


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COOL FACT #2- It's amazing to think that everything we are made of and everything around us is made of star dust.

COOL FACT #3 - Did you know that till this day our universe is still expanding.

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