Bella Ayala 2nd PERIOD

Capital- Brasília

Major Languages- The Official Language is Portuguese, but some may speak English.

Location-Latin America

Population-2000.4 million

Average age-31.2

Life Expectancy-73.62 years old

Major Bodies of Water-

       1.  Rio de Janeiro Beaches

       2.  Blue Lake Cave

       3.  Grumari Beach

Major Architectural-

1. Brazilian Museum of Sculpture

2. Brazilian Ministry of Education

3. Palacio da Alvorada

Major Cities-

  1. São Paulo
  2. Rio de Janeiro
  3. Salvador

Average Yearly Rainfall- 1,761

Average Temperature- 72 to 79 °F


  1. Presidential system, Federal republic, Constitutional republic

Religion- Catholic

• Protestant
• Methodist
• Episcopal
• Pentecostal
• Lutheran
• Baptist

The Major sport in Brazil is obviously....... SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music- rock, heavy metal and pop music which in my case is mi favorita.

Food- They love Barbecued meat.

      Unusual or Weird Laws in Brazil-

Watermelons are prohibited

it is legal for a man to divorce his wife if he finds out after marriage that she wasn't a virgin

If a driver in an accident dies the police are still required to do a breathalyzer test to legally be able to determine who was at fault for the accident

   Native Animals-Maned Wolf (personally i love wolves so :3)

Trading Partners- People are not allowed to have electronic cigarettes so its possible they trade(if you know what i mean ;)) ((dealers))

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