Three Technologies for At-Risk Students

A teacher's goal is to make sure that each of their students are understanding the subject at hand. Often times, teachers will have at-risk student in their classes. There are numerous ways to help the at-rick children, but here are three ways to help the students by using technology.

1. Interactive white boards are a great hands on experience. The student is able to label a map that is blown up on a white board, instead of labeling a map that is a small picture in a piece of paper. Students are able to draw how they understand the material, if they are not able to express using their words. The students are also to work out their math problems on a larger scale. They can make graphs and charts in a more hands on environment.

2. In the classroom, if there is at least one computer. The teacher could show the at-risk student different programs and websites that the student could use to help them better understand the material. There are programs that are geared toward the students specific learning style. The programs are a fun way for the students to learn without realizing they are learning.

3. A projector is also a helpful tool. with a projector the teacher could have a game show going on in the class. The students would be engaged and they would be having fun and learning at the same time. The student could also give presentations using power point  to explain what they have learned.

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