a  brief awarness of HIV and AIDS

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HIV is a human immunodeficiency virus infection. The disease of the human immune system is cause by the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). This illness has a huge impact on your lifestyle. There is no cure or vaccine to stop this disease. However, some solutions, to decrease the impact of the illness, have been made with the advancement of the medical technology. Some treatment can slow the course of the disease and reduce the risk of death. Those treatments are very expensive and unfortunately it is not everyone that can afford those treatments. They also have side effects.

The HIV, human immunodeficiency virus infection, is considered an outbreak. It is present over a large area and is actively spreading in the world.

There’s three type of transmission

  • 1. Sexual: it is transmitted primarily via unprotected sexual intercourse
  • 2. Body fluids: the most common way to catch the disease by body fluids being expose to drug injection. You are a risk if you share needles during drug injection ( infected blood)
  • 3. Mother-to-child: It’s a hereditary illness.

HIV can affect your life permanently

HIV/Aids have a major impact on your life. The sickness of this disease bring you do sacrifices in your social lifestyle. Once you are listed as carrier of this disease, you are seen as a treat to others health. Working is harder to find, because you can be victim of discrimination during job application. Some people fall into deep depression because of this injustice. Also, it is difficult to start a new relationship or even maintain one. Sexual intercourse are strictly banded. Finaly, your apparence could change: a visible loss of weight, pal complexion and sometimes skin lesions can be made.

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