Caleeann Blarr

Hello, my name is Caleeann and I am a student at Girard high school.  I love going to football and volleyball games with my friends.  I also just love hanging with my friends and going to see movies.  I play 3 different sports and am always active.



Running is one of my favorite hobbies.  I actually do cross country in the Fall and I'm also doing track in the Spring.  I love to run, because it keeps me active and makes me feel so accomplished after you're done.  

Ice Cream

My favorite sport is soccer.  I stride to become the best I can and work my hardest to achieve my goals in soccer.  "Born in a hospital, live on the field" as me and my fellow teammates like to say.  every chance I get I try to be on the field.


"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!"  After a hard day a sports, oh boy do I love to come home and eat.  Most of all I look forward to the big bowl of ice cream waiting for me.  My favorite ice cream would be either chocolate chip cookie dough or vanilla and orange twist.

One goal I have is to achieve honor roll in all my high school years.  I also want to get my name on the board for track, but i don't know exactly for what yet.  One more goal I have is to work up to be a great soccer player and hopefully become a captain my junior or senior year

A Place I Want To Go

I want to go to a national soccer game.  I've always wanted to go see the United States Women National Team(USWNT) in action!  One of the feilds are located in Washington DC and I would probably go there.  If I really wanted to go far I would go to the FIFA games wherever they are located and go there.  Mainly it would be a dream to just go see my home country play the game I love most.

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