A historical novel written by Redika H.

                     Seasick on the Titanic

My name is Caroline and I am 12 years old. My father is a  lawyer while my mother stays home and takes care of me and my two other sisters. Ann Lee is spoiled rotten even though she's the middle child. We just call her Ann for short.Paisley Grace is my youngest sister who is 1 years old and has just started walking.

I was sitting in my room waiting for father to come home, April 15 was their anniversary and I was making them a card. Mother knew exactly where she wanted to go. The titanic. So, on my card I made a picture of a boat.It was almost 5:00 the time father came home. I wanted my card to be a surprise so I tucked it in a drawer.

The loud echoing sound of the doorbell ran all throughout the house.That meant father was home.I got up and smoothed out my white silk shirt and put my gold heart shaped locket in place which had a family painting in it. Like mother I tried to walk down out spiral staircase  as gracefully as I could.But, when I saw father standing under the glass chandelier holding a big box.I just couldn't help myself,I ran over to him and hugged him real tight like Ann Lee would. Mother probably wouldn't approve but, that wasn't my concern right now. All I wanted to know was what was in that box.

"May I see whats in the box?" I said curiously.

"Go on and get your mother and sister,we'll open the box together okay?" he replied with a smile.

Eager to see what was in the box,I ran upstairs to where mother was doing her makeup.

"Father has a surprise and I need you to come downstairs so we can see whats in it."

"Alright,just give me a second" she said as she put on the finishing touches to her makeup.

On the floor Paisley Grace was chewing on something and Ann was playing with some dolls.

"Come on,father has a big box of presents for us".

I didn't know if there was actually presents but, it was just my way of telling them to come.

"I'm gonna get their before you and get all the gift first" Ann said as the zoomed downstairs.

I frowned and rolled my eyes.My mother picked up Paisley and we walked downstairs.

When we got downstairs as expected father had gotten us gifts.Paisley had gotten a teddy bear. Ann had received a doll house and I had got a bracelet.Mother probably knew it was her turn because she sat up straight and smiled a little.Father pulled out 4 piece of paper and handled them to mother.What was on the paper?Right then I knew what it was when mother let out a huge sequel.My face froze with fear.It was tickets to the Titanic.My absolute worst fear was to go on a ship.My mind was racing,what if I got seasick?,What if a huge storm came and worst of all what if the ship sunk? I turned to see what mother was thinking,when her smiling face turned into a frown.

"There's 4 tickets,there should be 5"

Mother looked on the floor to she if the dropped anything while father thought carefully about what he should say next.

"About that" started father"I thought that Paisley didn't need to come since she is so little. Besides first class tickets are expensive."

Mother said with mixed emotions of anger and sadness "How could you think about leaving my baby and all you're worried about is money?"

"She'll he in good hands ,my sister is coming to babysit her and you know how good she is with children" replied father.

I almost felt relived  because I thought we weren't gonna go until mother said " I guess so how many days are we staying for?"

I ran upstairs to my room,shut the door and sat curled in a ball on the bed.Knowing mother was gonna make me go I wished that I could trade places with Paisley.

It was April 10 and somehow I was on the ship.Also 5 days before their anniversary.I sat in our room for most of the time because I thought I would get seasick.The only time I went out of our room was when we had to take a family picture.




April 14,1912

I think it was the most peaceful I've slept because we only had 3 days left of staying on the ship.That was until mother shook me awake.Opening my tired eyes and I saw my mothers frantic face and then I knew something was wrong.


My heart was racing my worst fear had come alive. Ann was already awake and I quickly did the same. Then,I started to pack our luggage.

"No time for that!" mother said in a rough voice as she grabbed my arm,"I have to find your father!"

I looked around the room,it was true father wasn't here. I remembered that father had gone out to eat with his friends about a few hours ago and had not returned. If I had seen my face I was probably crying.

"Stay here I'm going to find your father,whatever happens stay here!" cried mother.

I sat on our bed and hugged my knees while Ann sat beside me having a confused look on her face.

A few minutes later mother came in and said "We have to get out they are giving out lifeboats if we don't get one now we may never get out..."

"What about father?" I said

"Women first men second" mother sighed "and I can't even find him".

We rushed over to the deck and then I spotted father who was being held back by the ships' crew.I was just about to tell mother when someone grabbed us and threw us in a lifeboat that hand a bunch of people in it. A few more women and children were thrown into some different  lifeboats and then they stopped putting people in lifeboats.

Father was standing at the edge of the Titanic and there was one lifeboat left. He tried to jump in the lifeboat but,then he missed and fell into the ocean.My eyes were watering with tears and he tried to swim up back to the boat but,I could tell that the water was too cold and the people on the lifeboat were too eager to leave they were rowing too fast. Mother was sobbing in her hands,not to mention that the next day was their anniversary. Ann's eyes were closed and she was shivering in my mother arms.

We were just about to lose hope until we saw a ship passing by.My mother gently shook Ann to wake her up since,she didn't have the strength to pick her up.She wasn't waking up.My mother started sobbing and held Ann close to her. Ann had frozen to death.After all those deaths I've seen tears wouldn't stream down my face. I thought about all the times I called her rotten things and how she still would love me the same no matter what I did to her. You don't realize how much you love someone until their gone.But,I guess it was too late now to tell her that.




After staying in the hospital for about 2 weeks we could finally go home.Life was depressing from father and Ann's death.Not to mention that at their funeral mother broke down crying.Mother stayed in her room a lot partly because, mother thought that it was her fault Ann and father died since she wanted to go to the Titanic. It soon got better...my mother remarried, we weren't the family we used to be through.

A  violin version of My Heart Will Go On by                         Taylor Davis.

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