Google Docs

Google Drive allows users to create different forms of documents, share the document and edit the document with many others.

In an elementary school setting, I would create groups within my class of about 5 students. Each group will have a topic and each day of the week will be assigned to one students. Students will be asked to create a story by contributing a few sentences on their assigned day. By the end of the school year, they would have created a short story. Throughout the year, students can revisit and edit the document to include things they've learned such as literary devices or grammar.


Socrative is a easy-to-use, powerful and free tool for assessment that provides immediate feedback from students and can be accessed through smartphones. Once assessments have been completed, it also creates an excel document for teachers that colour codes all correct and incorrect responses.

In an elementary setting, I would use Socrative as a weekly check-in throughout the week to see what students are/aren't understanding. I would have 10 general questions on concepts addressed during the week and use the excel document created to see whether I can move on from topics or to revisit them.


PollEverywhere is an online polling system that allows users to see direct results.

In an elementary setting, I would use PollEverywhere to start classroom discussions. I would first ask students to vote, and then show the results to the class to reduce any bias. I would ask students to poll on things such as predictions in a book or for their opinions and from there, have a discussion on their decision. I think this would be a great way for students to engage in classroom material.


VoiceThread is a tool where one person can create a slideshow using images and voiceovers and can open up the document for others to comment.

In an elementary setting, I would use VoiceThread in for a large project, such as a science research project. Once students have completed the assignment, I would have them swap VoiceThreads with a few classmates and have them comment on each others work and provide feedback.


Screencast-o-matic is a recording tool that focuses on being able to hear things clearly. It allows users to replay tutorials and you are also able to share the file.

In an elementary school setting, I would have students use the screencast-o-matic in a dramatic reading of plays within a group. I would first have students record themselves, and then replay the file in order to figure out points in which they could have changed their speech to make the reading more engaging.

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