Europe and its Population

As of the latest updates, there is 742.5 million people that live throughout Europe. One problem that Europe has with the population growth is global warming. With so many babies being born each and every day the climate has drastically changed over the years. A solution to this issue would to be stop having children, but not many people are doing this. Global warming is the largest and most talked about issue that comes from population growth in not just Europe but everywhere. Once again, a solution would to be stop having kids, but having kids is not the only issue to the global warming. Factories and companies produce smog which causes air pollution. Cars and buses also cause pollution. A solution to this would to not drive as much or only take the bus. This would drastically lower the pollution level. People have to work together for this to be affective though, it can't be done by one person and everything change. The graphs that i have provided give information on population growth and global warming. My first graph shows the population change over the many years in Europe. My second graph still shows population growth over the years, but it is comparing many countries to each other. And my last pictures is a photo that shows the pollution levels over in Europe and the countries over seas.

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